The Evolution of kenzie

After experiencing a musical liberation, the poised pop princess is ready to unleash her creativity

January 13, 2023
2 min read

When it comes to her latest musical pursuits, kenzie (Mackenzie Ziegler) opts to channel empowerment and maturity. The Pittsburgh native—well-known for her dancing and acting—recently transported fans into a new pop portal with the release of her sugar-coated ballad “100 Degrees.”

“When I was younger, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in music. I was just going along with the trends and what other people were telling me I should be doing,” the 18-year-old recalls. “Now, I’ve learned to put my foot down and be like, ‘This is what I wanna do,’” she declared while fastening a bun holding her hair.

Divulging her most raw and authentic self, kenzie’s lyrics reveal intimate interactions from her everyday life. “Writing especially has helped me a lot because I’m talking about all real-life situations that have happened to me,” she says. Though elated in her present relationship—as seen on Instagram, where she posted a mid-smooch sesh on the shores of Cabo—kenzie also muses on the aches and pains of a past breakup. “It’s really cool to share my story with other people and connect,” she explains.

As kenzie’s captivating emotions manifest through melodies and visuals, it seems the young pop starlet’s career could take her anywhere. At least now she’s the one steering the ship.

Be sure to check out kenzie’s newest single, Paper, below!

Story by Maddie Street

Photography by Tyrell Hampton

Fashion by Michael Vasquez      

Makeup by Holly Silius

Hair by Lauren Palmer Smith

Edited by Kevin Ponce / Dania Curvy

Photo assistant Khalilah Pianta

Production Photobomb


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