Matilda Djerf’s Ultimate Fashion Week

Take a peek at our first-ever, guest editor’s fashion editorial that echos a message of real inclusivity in fashion

April 26, 2023
3 min read

As the first-ever Contributing Guest Editor of MINI V, 25-year-old influencer and content creator Matilda Djerf worked with our team to manifest her first-ever fashion magazine editorial. As one of the most searched people on the internet for fashion and beauty, with over 1.4 million TikToker followers and 2.9 million Instagram followers (not to mention her YouTube channel where she shares and documents the days of her busy life while managing her online presence and running her own fashion line, Djerf Avenue, to nearly 280,000 devoted watchers), Matilda Djerf is more than just a Swedish beauty with oh-so-fabulous hair who talks the talk.

Having been vocal about her stance on saying “thank you, but no thank you” to the many luxury fashion week invites that have flooded her inbox, due to the undeniable fact that the fashion industry can be more un-inclusive more often than not, Matilda’s idea for filling her guest-edited pages of our second issue is meant to prove as an example of what fashion shows could look like with real people donning the looks of the season. Because in the everyday world, the real trendsetters of our lives are us and the “armor” we choose to cloak our bodies.

“When MINI V asked me to conceptualize and edit my own photo shoot, I wanted to show readers what a fashion and beauty show would look like in my world. There, authenticity, self-expression, and togetherness would be at the heart of every decision,”

I want to thank Ida Basmarke, Bianca de Oliveira, and Nora Ahlström for inspiring me on a daily basis and for shining so brightly. I wanted to highlight the girls’ natural beauty and incorporate inspiration from nature, vivid colors, florals, and flowy fabrics. I hope these pages inspire you to celebrate yourself.

Bianca de Oliviera: 26 | Her/She | Office Manager
“It was lovely to see a team of all inspiring women during a photo shoot, the support and environment made me feel so safe and so seen. Thank you to Matilda and MINI V.”

Ida Basmarke: 22 | Her/She | Social Media Coordinator “It was such a fun day filled with positivity and inspiring women.”

Nora Ahlström: 24 | Her/She | Shop Assistant
“When I was photographed for MINI V, I felt joy and laughed a lot, Matilda and the other girls are amazing models, just like me!”

This story appears in the pages of MINI V (Issue Two): now available for purchase!

Photographer Emilia Staugaard

Fashion Matilda Djerf 

Hair And Makeup Jessica Hedman

Photo Assistant Lamia Karić

Talent Ida Basmarke, Bianca De Oliviera, Nora Ahlström

Location Daylight Studio, Stockholm 


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