Adidas TERREX x And Wander Release Earth-Inspired Collection

Adidas TERREX x And Wander Release Earth-Inspired Collection

The duo’s second drop features apparel, footwear, and accessories for a hike with style

May 11, 2023
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When nature calls, we must answer. And this time, we can rely on the latest collection released by adidas TERREX in partnership with outdoor Japanese label and wander. United by their absolute respect for planet Earth and their mission at allowing their customers to get closer to the natural surroundings, the duo unveiled the second drop of their multi-seasonal collaboration, featuring both apparel and footwear. 

“Our mission is to create great products, packed with some of the best technology, that encourage and enable people to enjoy the wonderful benefits that come with exploring the outdoors” said Birgit Freundorfer, Senior Design Director, adidas TERREX.

Courtesy of ADIDAS

The purpose of this collection is not only to encourage you “to enjoy nature’s innate benefits,” but also to help you become a whole with it. If the previous drop of the collaboration was inspired by the human body and the microelements that define us internally, this second collection invites us to look outside of ourselves, at the bigger picture. The adidas TERREX x and wander selection plays with the elements of mother nature, replicating the earth’s surface and the view of the earth from the universe through earthy color fabrics.

Courtesy of ADIDAS

“We’ve taken inspiration from natural materials like stone with this latest inspiration, which is strikingly beautiful, stylish, and importantly, perfect for those looking to get out and enjoy nature,” explained a designer from and wander.

Covering them from head to toe, the duo wants to bring the hikers from the city to the mountaintop in style. The collaboration features the adidas TERREX x and wander XPLORIC RAIN.RDY Jacket, a bold and modern look with functionality at its core: it protects the wearer from the rain and features a chest pocket to store valuables. When the weather turns cold, adidas TERREX x and wander Fleece Tunic (W) and Jacket (M) keep the hikers warm and comfortable. Additionally, the partnership released a series of graphic t-shirts to accompany them on their adventures, without having to sacrifice their style. Can you think of a better deal?

Courtesy of ADIDAS

Finally, we must turn to the adidas TERREX x and wander Free Hiker 2, which comes with a range of innovative details and four striking new colorways. The hiking shoe features BOOST technology and benefits from an EVA stabilization frame for mid and forefoot support. Have you decided where to go next, yet? 

Courtesy of ADIDAS


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